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"Chop Away at My Heart"
Chop Away At My Heart
Song by Zack, Baljeet, Buford, Melissa and Sarah
Genre(s): Boy band
Current: "Chop Away at My Heart"

Chop Away at My Heart is a hit song by The Lumberzacks, originally performed in the Milo Murphy's Law episode "Secrets and Pies. In The Phineas and Ferb Effect, it is revealed that Baljeet is also a big fan of the band, so he, Zack, Buford, Melissa and Sarah decide to distract the Pistachion guards. At first, Zack sings lead, but Baljeet surreptitiously takes over.


Zack: I know you're pining
But every cloud has got a silver lining
Zack and Baljeet: The leaves are parting now the sun is shining
And you're in my arms...
Baljeet: the planets are aligning
My heart is strong, like a tree! Boom!
And you belong, baby, you belong to me
Without you, I'm tied to the ground
And if I fall, do I even make a sound?

Baljeet and the others: Chop chop chop! Chop away at my heart!
I can feel it falling (timber!) and I will never part
I know you, you've been there from the start
So baby chop chop chop! Chop away at my heart!
Na na na na, na na na na na na na...

Background information

The original song was meant as a parody of songs sung by boy bands such as One Direction.


BMI Work #24029432


  • As mentioned before, the song was first mentioned in the Milo episode "Secrets and Pies".


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