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"Cheesetopia" is a song in the episode "The Remains of the Platypus". Being the second song in the episode by sequence and the first chronologically, it accompanies a montage showing the various rides and festivities of Phineas and Ferb's cheese-themed amusement park, Cheesetopia.


My fever starts to climb above hundred degrees
When I fly through the breeze with ease upon my cheese trapeze
They know the cheese with ease-box squeeze, that is my expertise
Cheesetopia! (Cheesetopia)

Your cheese in wildest dreams become reality,
Your fantasies of melted cheese up to your knees
Please try some cheddar bees and taste the Gouda trees
Cheesetopia! (Cheesetopia)
Ahh Cheesetopia (Cheesetopia)

Phineas: It's like Utopia with cheese!


BMI Work #14139355

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