"Charmed Life"
Emperor Doofenshmirtz singing
Song by Dr. Doofenshmirtz
Genre(s): Cabaret, show tune
Length: 1:11
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Phineas and Ferb - Charmed Life

Phineas and Ferb - Charmed Life

"Charmed Life" is a song sung in the alternate future created when Candace stopped her brothers from riding their rollercoaster they built. It was sung by Emperor of Danville Heinz Doofenshmirtz in "Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo".


Emperor Doofenshmirtz: It's been a charmed life,
Got all I ever wanted,
And I'm not too shy to flaunt it, you see.
It's been a sweet ride,
Everyone is genuflecting
And erecting giant statues of me.

It's like a great lunch
With all you can eat,
And I can leave my wallet at home.
And everyone pays for me,
Because it's compulsory,
Or into the stockade they're thrown.

Still, I'm a nice guy;
How many emperors
Would always remember your name?
How ya doing, Joe?
I must admit, I
May take quite a lot,
But I'll always give you plenty of blame.

It's been a sweet ride;
Life's a bowl of cherries,
And nobody's merrier than me.
Because everyone else is the proletariat,
And baby, I'm the bourgeoisie.
Look it up, Joe!
Baby, I'm the bourgeoisie!
Oh, yeah!

Background Information

  • The words "proletariat" and "bourgeoisie" mean, respectively, the class of low-status workers and the class of high-status owners of capital goods, particularly in the theory of communism as devised by Karl Marx.
  • The women dancing in the background appear again during "Carpe Diem".
  • The statues resemble him 20 years before the alternate future.
  • One of Heinz's background dancers returns in "The Secret of Success" during "Telethon of Evil".
  • When the song ends, it's sounds almost exact the same as the end of the song "My Goody Two-Shoes Brother".
  • This song's title is similar to Third Eye Blind's song, Semi-Charmed Life.


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