This is our top-level category, or looking at it another way, it is the root category. You can use the Browse category to navigate to all other areas of the wiki.

Every other categories should be a subcategory of at least one other, and every article (page) should be in at least one category. Many pages will have more than one category.

The main categories are as follows:

  • Content: for all articles and categories relating to the show Phineas and Ferb. This includes episodes, songs, characters, categories for the voice actors and show staff, and pages made by members of this wiki such as Blogs, Forums and the Tri-State Gazette newsletter.
  • Administration: for maintaining and managing the wiki.
  • Help: any pages or categories that provide help to people reading this wiki.

To see subcategories (categories inside other categories), either click on the category to go to its page, or click on the [+] next to it to expand the list.

For more information about categories and how to add them, see Help:Categories.

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