Bunka da Bunkaquan is the prehistoric version of Perry the Platypus and Phinabunk and Gerb's pet. It is also the nemesis of Doofengung.

Personal life

In front of its owners, Bunka acts as a mindless saber-toothed platypus, chewing up discarded stone blueprints. When duty calls, however, it sneaks off to receive orders from Monobrow and foil the evil schemes of the Neanderthal Doofengung. Surprisingly, Bunka makes no attempts to foil Doofengung, due to the Neanderthal's incompetence.

Physical Appearance

Bunka is a bunkaquan, otherwise known as a prehistoric saber-toothed platypus. The body shape is slightly stockier than a modern platypus. Bunka has pronounced brows, an unruly scruff of fur on top of its head, two sharp fangs protruding from the mouth, and a row of orange spines along its tail. In Secret Agent mode, it wears a horned animal skull.

Personality and traits

Despite them being rivals, Bunka seems fairly apathetic towards Doofengung's schemes, making no attempt to stop it from provoking a mammoth stampede or even break out of its cage. This could be due to confidence that Doofengung will fail in his scheme, though it does not seem worth the risk. Bunka is also seemed to be a slight dumb in nature; when it crashed into Doofengung's place, Doofengung angrily pointed out that there's a cave opening next to it that Bunka could've gone through instead, much to Bunka's embarrassment. Also, after Doofengung's scheme is foiled, Bunka just leaves while carrying the bone cage that Doofengung trapped it in rather than just taking it off.

Skills and abilities

Bunka is able to quickly grind stone to gravel with its teeth, and digest this gravel with no adverse affects. It is also able to break through stone walls without faltering.


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