Buford's replacement nerd
Buford's unnamed nerd
Gender: Male
Age: Younger than Buford (perhaps the same as Baljeet)
Professional Information
  Student (on vacation)
Friends and Family
Buford Van Stomm
Behind the Scenes
Debut Appearance:
  "Hip Hip Parade"
Final Appearance:
  "Happy New Year!"
Voiced by:
Adam Wylie

"What is your next plan? I know it is going to be something clever."
— The nerd speaking in a German accent.

Buford's replacement nerd is a nerd that first appeared in Hip Hip Parade.

Physical appearance

He has blonde hair, wears a light red t-shirt, and light brown Khakis.

Skills and abilities

Buford's replacement nerd can speak in an English accent, an Italian accent and a German accent (which Buford finds offensive). He could not, however, imitate Baljeet's Indian accent.


Buford Van Stomm (fired)

Buford has hired him after he had fired Baljeet. He asks him if he can do an Indian accent. The kid says he can't, but can do a British accent. Then he tried Italian, which almost got him fired. Last, he did a German accent, which apparently got him fired as his nerd.

Memorable Quotes

In an Italian accent: "Mamma Mia that was close!"

In an English accent: "Toodle Pip"

In a German accent "What is your next plan? I know it is going to be something clever!"


Background information

  • He appeared in "Nerds of a Feather" on the Stumbleberry Finkbat's Team.
  • His German accent sounds like the Russian accent Chekov Pavel Chekov does.


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