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"Breakin' Out" is song from the episode "Escape from Phineas Tower". It is played while Phineas and Ferb try and escape from their advanced escape tower.


Danny Jacob: I used to get stuck on the simplest of things
I never tried flying or spreading my wings
What I want to convey is that I'm getting away
'Cause tonight I'm breakin' out! (He's breakin' out)

I went from park to neutral
Now I'm shifting to drive
'Cause you gotta depart
If you want to arrive
No more biding my time
With these eternal rhymes
'Cause tonight I'm breakin' out!

(I'm breakin' out)
From the things that were holding me back
(I'm breakin' out)
In every wall, if you look there's a crack
(I'm breakin' out)
In the end that's what life's all about
When the wall's closing in
You know it's time to begin
Breakin' out!


BMI Work #14139231

Background information

  • The first trap you see in the song (The room with arrows being shot out of the wall) is based on the Indiana Jones movies.
  • Most of the song was written by Storyboard writer Bernie Petterson and writer Martin Olson. with helpful lyric and arrangement suggestions by Jon, Dan, and director Jay Lender.
  • Phineas and Ferb pulling themselves along a tunnel on carts is a reference to the movie The Great Escape.
  • The lava trap is based on the 8th world of New Super Mario Bros.
  • The trap that appears close to the end of the song, with the sharks, might be based on JAWS.
  • The last trap is based on Star Wars: A New Hope, when Luke Skywalker and his friends were trapped in a trash compactor.


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