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"Bouncin' Around the World" is a song from the special "Phineas and Ferb: Summer Belongs to You!" as they bounce the Sun-Beater 3000 around the world, heading towards Paris, France.


Come on along with me,
So many sights to see
But not a whole lot of time.
We're in a hurry,
We're bouncin' around the world.

I think we all can agree,
That was the Baltic Sea,
I checked my GPS; I'm,
I'm pretty sure that
We're bouncin' around the world.

We'll bounce across the Great Wall
And past the Taj Mahal.
We'll go to Rome and see the Colosseum,
The Colosseum.
It's a real whirlwind tour,
So if you wanna be sure
Don't you blink or you won't see 'em,
You won't see 'em.

I wish that we could stay and have some fun
But we gotta keep chasin' the sun.

With a little compression
And a little recoil
And a big jet engine
We're gonna be
Bouncin' around the world.
And baby, that ain't all,
We got a big rubber ball.
Did I forget to mention
That we're gonna be
Bouncin', bouncin', bouncin', bouncin', bouncin'
Bouncin', bouncin', bouncin', bouncin', bouncin'
Bouncin' around the world.

Bouncin' all over the world. (Soundtrack Version) (5X)

Bouncin' around the world!


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Background information

  • The Demo was sung by Dan Povenmire and "Swampy" Marsh.
  • This is the first off-screen song of Love Händel.
  • In a certain point of the song, you can see a poster announcing "Molom". It may refer to the 1995 movie, Molom, conte de Mongolie.
  • Isabella is seen without her bow for the 5th, 6th, and 7th times. Other times are in "The Ballad of Badbeard", "Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together" (during "You Snuck Your Way Right Into My Heart"), "Got Game?", and "The Beak".
  • When they pass the power station, the sign reads "осторожно! высокое напрежение" ("Ostorozhno! Vysokoye naprezheniye"), which is Russian for "Watch Out! High Voltage". Although it should be "осторожно! высокое напряжение" ("Ostorozhno! Vysokoye napryazheniye").


  1. Nepal - The Himalayas
  2. Madagascar
  3. China - The Forbidden City
  4. Moscow, Russia - St. Basil's Cathedral
  5. The Baltic Sea
  6. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  7. China - The Great Wall of China
  8. Agra, India - The Taj Mahal
  9. Rome, Italy - Colosseum
  10. Netherlands - Dutch Windmills
  11. Russia - Nuclear (possibly Pry'pyat, Ukraine)
  12. Cairo, Egypt - The Pyramid and the Sphinx
  13. Venice, Italy
  14. Kraków, Poland - Main Market Square
  15. Zürich, Switzerland - Fraumünster abbey
  16. Marina Bay, Singapore - The Merlion Park
  17. Sydney, Australia - The Sydney Opera House
  18. Athens, Greece - The Parthenon
  19. Angkor, Cambodia - Angkor Wat
  20. Berlin, Germany - The Brandenburg Gate
  21. Tanzania (presumably) - African Savanna
  22. China
  23. Pisa, Italy - The Leaning Tower of Pisa
  24. Brussels, Belgium - The Atomium


BMI Work #11885886


  • In the Disney XD preview, when the ship got to China, the rubber band ball was red. In the TV version it was multicolored, showing that it wasn't finished when they showed the preview.
  • In the scene where they pass the Netherlands and the windmills, and Isabella, Candace and Vanessa are seen with blonde pigtails, a close up of their feet shows that Isabella is wearing Candace's red socks and Candace is wearing Isabella's white socks.

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