This is a humongous bounce house created by Phineas and Ferb. ("Meatloaf Surprise")


Phineas and Ferb are sitting under a tree when Buford runs, panting, and tells them that he was in the bounce house at the meatloaf festival when it popped, so then he ran away, with the little kids chasing him in a feud. Buford states that he was sorry about it and wishes it was still there for the little kids. Phineas replies that there is something about bounce houses that you can't resist. He has a speech about it then says "Now answer me this- Where's Perry...? No seriously where is he, I haven't seen him."

Design and Construction

Not much is known about its design, but it uses helium to float, and it is shown with-

  • A giant drum set (for bouncing)
  • A giant clown attached to the wall with a hollowed-out mouth
  • A small bumpy tube
  • Two Bouncy Mushrooms
  • A giant ping pong table
  • A giant jester attached to the wall with its arms coming out
  • A room with a trampoline-like mat
  • Two plates with jelly-like substance on them


Buford jumps out of the bounce house and grabs the rope on the house's side and hauls it down with his weight. They land at the meatloaf festival where Buford gives the Bounce House to the little kids, then purposely pops it with a needle. During the credits, he is shown being forced by the children to fix the house.

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