Boogie Down is a book released on February 12, 2013. It is the 4th book in the Level 3 reader series, and covers the episode "Nerdy Dancin'".

Book Summary

Candace signs up Jeremy to be her dancing partner on a hit dance show. Jeremy seeks out help from Phineas and Ferb because he is worried about his lack of dancing skills, and Ferb's excellent dancing skills are put to use. Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz and his league of evil scientists seek to get their message out at the dance studio.

Title Description

The trendy dancing competition "Let's All Dance 'Till We're Sick" has come to Danville, and Candace is determined that she and her crush Jeremy will win. There's just one problem: Jeremy can't dance! So it's up to Phineas and Ferb to teach him how to boogie. Can the boys help him dance away with the grand prize? Featuring exciting full-color art from the show, this World of Reading: Phineas and Ferb Level 3 early reader is perfect for fans who are ready to read on their own.

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