Black Knight of Worcestershire
A Hard Day's Knight24
Gender: Male
Friends and Family
Pets: lots of dog looking creatures
Behind the Scenes
Debut Appearance:
  "A Hard Day's Knight"

The "Black Knight of Worcestershire" is a fabled character first seen in "A Hard Day's Knight". He's a legendary character from Worcestershire that's famous in Britain. The legend is recorded in the Ballad of the Black Knight. It is also said he still haunts the moors in search of the dragon that slayed him. Candace Flynn was mistaken as his ghost when she found herself stuck in some black armour.

Physical Appearance

The knight has only been seen wearing full body black armor. His age is unknown but judging by height and facial appearance he is between 15 and 40.


Background Information

  • It’s unmentioned his age, but he’s at least older than 7, as the age knights start training
  • He is deceased, because according to Grandpa Reginald he was eaten by a dragon.
  • Second time someone’s death was mentioned. It's About Time!
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