Big Mouth Ramon is an infamous fish, famed and feared by fishermen the world over. Lawrence once caught him, and this was thought to be his biggest accomplishment as a fisherman. Lawrence was so proud of his experience with Big Mouth Ramon that he apparently started recounting the tale to his sons on many occasions. His most recent telling occurred while on a fishing trip. ("The Lake Nose Monster")

The Tale of Big Mouth Ramon

The legendary hunt of Big Mouth Ramon by Lawrence Fletcher first began on a chilly April morning in 1980. Though the full tale is not known, it was quite a wild ride from at least one end. During the course of his chase, Lawrence mentioned either going up the fire-escape or losing the pants altogether, suggesting that Big Mouth Ramon may have made it onto land somehow. A short while later, Lawrence apparently helped John Lennon write All You Need is Love, for no known reason relevant to his adventure. The chase for Ramon led him and an unknown partner (possibly either his friend Ted or Lennon) through an entire petting zoo, and apparently left them stranded four hours from the nearest dental supply store. The tale seems to conclude with the shocking realization that they (Larry and his friends and/or Ramon) were already headed off for Southampton.