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This article is about Biff. You may be looking for Buford's mother.

"Little guy, all yellow-y and scaly. His name was Biff, turned into a whole brouhaha. I had to fight a squid."
— Buford

Biff is Buford's dearly beloved goldfish.


In the past, Buford won a goldfish at a carnival which he named "Biff" after his mother, Biffany. When a bully tried to eat Biff, Buford became a bully himself in order to get him back. When Biff disappeared, Buford became extremely emotional and sensitive, revealing how much he cares for Biff. He then saves Biff again, this time from being eaten by a giant squid. In the process, he apparently loses his fear of squids ("Voyage to the Bottom of Buford").

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