"Bee Song"
Bee Day - Bee Song
The song ends with a B flat with an F# bass.
Song by Aaron Jacob, Laura Dickinson and Cast - Phineas and Ferb
Released: April 26, 2013
Genre(s): Pop
Length: 0:38
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Phineas and Ferb - Bee Day (Song)

Phineas and Ferb - Bee Day (Song)

"Bee Song" is a song from "Bee Day", sung by the citizens of Danville at the Bee Day opening ceremony.


Man: Where's that swarm? What's that drone?
Something's buzzing close to home:
Man, Woman: It's Bee Day,
And I'm feeling fine!

Some citizens: They look for pollen wherever they roam,
Then regurgitate honey in a honeycomb:
It's Bee Day;
Come on, get in line!

All citizens: It's time to celebrate Bee Day!
They pollenate the flowers,
Bee Day!
They party in the hives,
Bee Day!
From time to time they sting us,
And they pay for it with their lives...

Because it's Bee Day!


Come on, get in line
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Background information


  • The woman seen at the start of the song wasn't seen in the end shot.
  • At the end when they sing "Bee Day!" Ginger's mouth is too high on her face while Adyson's nose is too low on her face.
  • It appears as if the boy next to Phineas is leaning against Phineas' head.
  • In the group shot at the end, some citizens appear twice.


BMI Work #15909788

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