Bannister's Thugs are three unnamed burglars who are under the employ of Professor Bannister.


The thugs were first seen during the beginning, where they broke into a warehouse in downtown Seattle to steal some technology. As the thugs drive off in their truck carrying the stolen equipment, Perry the Platypus pursues them on their tail with a motorcycle. Though Perry was able to use a grappling hook to catch the truck, he is stopped by incoming C.O.W.C.A. Agent Lyla Lolliberry (Professor Bannister's nemesis), who tells him that he has no jurisdiction in Canada as they already passed the border. Lyla climbs onto the truck, but her weight causes the donut arm to break, causing the three thugs to drive away scot-free. Perry is forced to return to the U.S. as he develops a grudge towards Lyla for letting the thugs escape.

However, two months later, Perry and Lyla were assigned on a new mission to protect the local Canadian symbol of national unity (Albert the Moose), as Bannister arranged for Heinz Doofenshmirtz to kidnap and deliver the moose to him as part of their U.S.-Canadian evil scheme exchange program. As Lyla and Perry confront Bannister in his helicopter, Bannister confessed of his true plan to destroy Canada's national pride and annex Canada into his real homeland Greenland, so that he can put in a new national anthem for Greenland and reinvigorate its low national pride. Bannister also revealed that the thugs (who are inside the helicopter playing cards) are working for him as they were assigned to steal the parts from Seattle to make the androids. It was then Lyla revealed that she only let the thugs escape because she would trace them back to Bannister in his plot, which made an impressed Perry to abandon his grudge against Lyla for good.

As Bannister sets his androids to attack Lyla and Perry, Doofenshmirtz (upon realizing how complicated Bannister's plot really is) decides to go play cards with the thugs. However, the thugs engage into a brawl with each other and Doofenshmirtz after the latter wins a game against them, just as Lyla and Perry manage to defeat the androids before having Bannister captured. The thugs are then finally arrested along with Bannister for their crimes, as they are last seen being escorted into a police van.


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