"Bad Luck"
Bad Luck
Candace, Ferb, and Phineas climbing up the mountain.
Song by Danny Jacob
Genre(s): Surf pop, pop rock
Length: 0:48
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Phineas and Ferb Songs - Bad Luck

Phineas and Ferb Songs - Bad Luck

Episode version
The Makers of Phineas and Ferb sing "Bad Luck"

The Makers of Phineas and Ferb sing "Bad Luck"

Demo version

"Bad Luck" is a song from the "Phineas and Ferb Hawaiian Vacation" during Part II when Candace is suffering bad luck throughout their journey to the volcano.


When the day began you had the wind in your sail,
Things were going your way, you thought you just couldn't fail,
Now you're walkin' around, like you're under a curse,
And you don't know how this day could get any worse

Bad luck
A dark cloud you're standin' under
Bad luck (bad luck)
Wait, do I hear thunder
Bad luck (bad luck)
Well you can try and try, but bad luck is gonna get you and ya don't know why

Bad luck
Could it be any clearer
Bad luck (bad luck)
Like you just broke a mirror
Bad luck (bad luck)
Did you walk under a ladder?
Cause your luck was just bad, but it's just getting badder

Bad luck!

Background Information



  • Candace would have seen the boar in front of her, and if she didn't, from where she was standing, an the boar's position, she would be stepping on its head.


BMI Work #12298026


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