Background music is incidental music to help set the tone or mood of a scene. Some examples may include existing themes or songs that are played as an instrumental version without the vocals, or various leitmotifs that are associated with certain characters or catchphrases.


  • An instrumental version of "Perry the Platypus" whenever Perry is in agent mode.
  • A romantic sting (a parody of "A Kiss of Love") that plays whenever Isabella enters (sometimes, more used in season 1).
  • Horror music played to the tune of "Ring Around the Rosie" a la the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz when Candace is in busting mode.
  • A short "ding" followed by a heavenly choir heard whenever Phineas says "I know what we're gonna do today!".
  • A few early episodes feature a horror sting in the manner of "Dramatic Impact 2" when Candace is showing Linda what the boys are doing.
  • A jingle heard whenever Norm appears.
  • A guitar chord or a final guitar riff heard at the end of every almost every episode up until the production logos. Usually, this is an instrumental version of the final stanza of the theme song.
  • On other occasions, simple gentler music tone heard in the final scene of an episode before it ends.
  • Bavarian music played every time Doofenshmirtz appears (sometimes, not so used in later seasons).
  • A dramatic sting every time Doof reveals his inator.
  • Sad violin music akin to the theme of Young Frankenstein heard during Doof's backstories (not so used in later seasons).
  • Jazz trio music whenever Candace and Jeremy talk to each other.
  • A march played on celesta and drums whenever the Fireside Girls appear or are mentioned.
  • An instrumental version of "Kronk for Hire" from The Emperor's New School plays whenever someone is giving a tour, or talking like they are in a TV commercial.
  • Rock music (instrumental music of "He's a Bully") played whenever Buford appears (sometimes used).
  • An instrumental version of the theme song heard as Phineas and Ferb work on their big idea (sometimes).
  • Certain montages of the kids either making or enjoying what they have made are accompanied by the upbeat "Quirky Worky Song".
  • Spy music played during Perry's mission briefings.
  • "Gitchee Gitchee Goo" or "I'm Lindana and I Wanna Have Fun!" are played sometimes in background, usually as elevator music.
  • Mariachi music whenever Pinky the Chihuahua appears.
  • Jazz sting whenever Vanessa appears (sometimes).
  • Romantic, dreamy music singing “daaaaaaa” accompanied with a closeup of Vanessa's face in a pink background with flowers whenever Ferb slips into a daydream about Vanessa.

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