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"And the Animals Go" is heard in "Traffic Cam Caper". It was sung by Major Monogram and the other members of O.W.C.A. to pass the time.


Major Monogram: And the kitty goes,

Agent Kitty : Meow!

Major Monogram: And the owl goes,

Agent OHoot!

Major Monogram: And the doggy goes,

Agent D: Woof!

Major Monogram: And the turkey goes,

And the turkey goes?

Carl: Sir, we lost Agent T last November.

Major Monogram: Oooh. (sniffs) Right. (coughs)

And that's how the animals go, go, go,

and that's how the animals go.

Major Monogram: Oh the chicken goes,

Agent C: Bawk!

Monogram: And the dog goes,

Agent D: Woof!

Monogram: and the worm goes

Outstanding, Agent W!

(Agent C pecks at Agent W)

Agent C, don't do that.

And the new guy goes,

Norm: I'm Norm!

Major Monogram: (after a pause) You know, Carl, it's weird that he is not an animal. (Pauses) We should fire him.

Carl: I'm already on it, sir.


BMI Work #10174486


  • This song got patterned after children's songs about animals such as "Old MacDonald" and "I Had a Cat".
  • The song's melody is awfully similar to "Uncle Noah’s Ark", which was most notably covered by The Wiggles.

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