"Aerial Area Rug"
Aerial Area Rug
The kids and Lawrence on the carpet.
Song by Aaron Jacob [1] and Danny Jacob
Genre(s): Ballad
Length: 1:40
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Phineas and Ferb - Aerial Area Rug

Phineas and Ferb - Aerial Area Rug

"Aerial Area Rug" is a song from the Season 3 episode "Magic Carpet Ride". It got performed as Phineas, Ferb, their friends and Lawrence rode the magic carpet to the skies of Danville.


You can't see much of the skyline
It looks like more of a grid
It's a viable variation of view
But it's something I'm sure we'll be glad that we did

It's not like the world that we see from the ground
I guess the main difference is we're looking down

So climb on our aerial area rug
It's certain to keep us aloft
Its aerodynamics are highly advanced
And its weave is so tight and so soft

Though this vista's diverse
Is it better or worse?
If you'll ask, I'll just give you a shrug
But you can vary your view of the area
From our aerial area rug

It's a brand new perspective
We can see the tops of buildings
Come along with me

You can vary your view of the area
From our aerial area rug
You can vary your view of the area
From our aerial area rug

Background Information

  • According to Martin Olson: "The song is a satire of a breathless Disneyesque inspirational song but at the same time is a beautiful and fun song aside from the satire." Tony-award-winning composer Robert Lopez of Avenue Q and The Book of Mormon fame, co-wrote this song.Comment by Martin Olson on Soundcloud According to Lopez, "we wrote that in under 2 hours and that was a really long time for Dan, Swampy, and Martin." Tweet from Robert Lopez
  • The style of the song parodies A Whole New World, the Academy Award-winning song from Disney's 1992 animated feature Aladdin, which is also performed during a magic carpet ride.
  • The line "It's a brand new perspective/literally" plays on two meanings of the word "perspective": the figurative (to "change your perspective" on something, such as an issue or opinion) and the literal (perspective, in this case aerial perspective). This could be an allusion to the words "A Whole New World" having a figurative and literal meaning.
  • Aerial Area Rug was one of the votable songs for "Phineas and Ferb Musical Cliptastic Countdown Hosted by Kelly Osbourne", but it didn't make it into the ten best. It got beaten by eventual winner "Everything's Better with Perry" in the first round.
  • The song is from the perspective of Phineas and the gang, but none of them sing.


BMI Work #13749759


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