Adrian Fletcher
Adrian Fletcher
Gender: Male
Nationality: British
Hometown: Snifferton (possible)
Professional Information
  Flynn-Fletcher Family
Friends and Family
Reginald Fletcher (father)
Winifred Fletcher (mother)
Lawrence Fletcher (brother)
Angus (possible brother)
Maura (possible sister)
Mr. Fletcher (grandfather)
Mrs. Fletcher (grandmother)
Lucy Fletcher
Eliza Fletcher (daughter)
Five sons
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "My Fair Goalie"
Last Appearance:
  "My Fair Goalie"
Voiced by:
Phill Jupitus

Adrian Fletcher is Lawrence Fletcher's brother, father of Ferb's English cousins and Eliza Fletcher, brother-in-law of Linda Flynn-Fletcher, uncle of Ferb and step-uncle of Phineas Flynn. He appears to not be as good at competitions as Lawrence, who lets him win every time. He is also married to Lucy Fletcher and named their kids after famous footballers David Beckham and Pelé. Phill Jupitus voices the character.


Physical Appearance

He has curly brown hair, a bright green shirt, and blue-green jeans.


2 Pelé Fletchers: First one is the tallest of all his brothers. Wears a red t-shirt with a white collar and pink stripes, white shorts and black sneakers. Second has spiky blond hair and black sneakers. 3 Beckham Fletchers: The first has straight brown hair and half-moon glasses. Second has unkempt brown hair and square green glasses. Third features straight blond hair that covers one eye, black sneakers. Eliza Fletcher: The only girl of the family, she is Candace's height and has brown hair in a small pony tail.


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