A-G-L-E-TABC SongA Phineas and Ferb Family Christmas
Act Your AgeAdyson SweetwaterAin't Got Rhythm
Alabama BoundAlbert Du BoisAloyse von Roddenstein
Alyson StonerAmandaAnh chàng lạ mặt
Animatin' RapAnnabelle JohnsonAshley Tisdale
Audition MedleyAwesomeBackyard Beach (bài hát)
Backyard Hodge PodgeBackyard Hodge Podge (bài hát)Baliwood
Baljeet TjinderBalloonyBango-Ru (bài hát)
Beautiful LunchtimeBee DayBee Song
Bee StoryBen BaxterBeppo Brown
Betty Jo FlynnBiffany Van StommBits of All of Us
Blanca DishonBob WebberBobbi Fabulous
Bobby NelsonBouncin' Around the WorldBowl-R-Ama Drama
Brand New Best FriendBrand New RealityBrick
Brick (bài hát)Bridgette OshinomiBubble Gum
BuckyBuford ConfidentialBuford Reprise
Buford Van StommBuford is in TroubleBully Bust
BustedBà Du BoisBà Johnson
Bà TjinderBác SabuBác sĩ Hirano
Bāchan HiranoCandace (Who's That Girl)Candace Flynn
Candace Loses Her HeadCanderemyCarl Karl
Carpe DiemChadCharlene Doofenshmirtz
Charles Pipping đệ TứCheers for FearsChloe
Chong Suk LeeChristmas is Starting NowChupacabra Ho
Chuột Mũi saoChủ đề Phineas and FerbCity of Love
Clyde FlynnColtraneCome Home Perry
ConstanceCool SongCurtain Call/Time Spent Together
Cây trồng trong chậuCông chúa BaldegundeCún Chihuahua Pinky
Cậu bé Thỏ MartyDan PovenmireDance Baby
Dance of ContritionDancing in the SunshineDanh sách các bài hát
Danh sách các bài hát/Mùa 1Danh sách các bài hát/Mùa 2Danh sách các bài hát/Mùa 3
Danh sách các bài hát/Mùa 4Danh sách các nhân vậtDanh sách các tập phim
Danh sách những câu nói của FerbDanh sách những câu thường nóiDanh sách những khoảnh khắc lãng mạn của Isabella và Phineas
DannyDanvilleDanville for Niceness
Dee Bradley BakerDer KinderlumperDjango Brown
Doof's Evil Hideout Vacation SwapDoof 101Doof 101 (bài hát)
Doof DynastyDoofenshmirtz (định hướng)Dr. Coconut
DruselsteinoweenDrusselsteinDrusselstein Driving Test Waltz
Dude, We're Getting the Band Back TogetherDòng thời gianEliza M. Feyersied
Em bé người hành tinh khácEsmeralda PoofenplotzEverything's Better with Perry
ExtraordinaryExtraordinary/Đa ngôn ngữExtremely Extreme
F-Games (bài hát)FabulousFace Your Fear
Father's DayFeelin' SuperFerb (bài hát)
Ferb FletcherFerb Fletcher (1542)Ferb Fletcher (Star Wars)
FerbgorFireside GirlsFireside Girls Anthem
Flashing Back To Fashion ForwardFlawless GirlFletcher Family Flying Circus
Flop StarzFluffy Pants DoofenshmirtzFly On the Wall
Fly On the Wall (bài hát)Foam TownFoot Stomp Mash Up
For Your Ice OnlyForever SummerFrancis Monogram
FredFriend Like MineFunky rhythms in the bathroom
Get Back HairGia đình Flynn-FletcherGiant Puppet Show
Gimme a GradeGinger HiranoGitchee Gitchee Goo
Give Me Your Money TodayGiáo sư MysteryGlenda Wilkins
Go, Go, PhineasGo, Go, Phineas/Đa ngôn ngữGoldie
Gonna Get My Bust OnGood King WenceslasGordian Knot
Gotta Get Back in TimeGreat Balls Of WaterGretchen
Gấu trúc PeterHandcarHappy Birthday, Isabella
Happy New Year!Happy New Year (bài hát)Happy New Year (bài hát)/Đa ngôn ngữ
He's a BullyHeinz DoofenshmirtzHelicopter Fight
Hey Ferb (I Know What We're Gonna Do Today)Hildegard JohnsonHistory of Rock
History of the Tri-State AreaHockey Z-9 (bài hát)Holly
Humiliating Stumblegimp Dance of ContritionHải Linh TrưởngI'm Lindana and I Wanna Have Fun!
I'm MeI, BrobotI Believe We Can
I Love You MomI Need My Letter BackI Really Don't Hate Christmas
I Walk AwayI Walk Away/Đa ngôn ngữI am the Very Model of a Modern Major Monogram
Imperfect StormImpress My ProfessorImprobably Knot
In the EmpireIn the MallInator Method
Irving Du BoisIsabella's Birthday SongIsabella's Birthday Song/Đa ngôn ngữ
Isabella Garcia-ShapiroIsabella MuradIsabella and the Temple of Sap
It's About Time!It's Going So BadlyIt's No Picnic
Izzy's Got the FrizziesIzzy's Got the Frizzies/Đa ngôn ngữJ-Pop (Welcome to Tokyo)
Jeff "Swampy" MarshJeff BennettJenny Brown
Jeremy JohnsonJoe JohnsonJohnny
Jump Right to ItJust DessertsJust Our Luck
Just the Two of UsKatieKeep on Building
Kelly ClarksonKelly HuKenny Loggins
Kevin Michael RichardsonKick It Up A NotchKinderlumper
KlimpaloonKnot My ProblemKẻ Hủy Diệt Nhai Lại
La Candace-CabraLast Day of SummerLast Day of Summer/Lời thoại đáng nhớ
Lawn Gnome Beach Party of TerrorLawrence FletcherLet it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow
Lights, Candace, Action!Linda Flynn-FletcherLittle Brothers
Live and Let DriveLloyd WexlerLorraine
Lost in DanvilleLove HändelLove at First Byte
LỗiMandaceMaple Drive
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