Phineas en Ferb is te zien op Disney Channel en Disney XD (wat Jetix heeft vervangen op 1 Januari 2010). Disney Channel (en/of Disney XD) zendt 'Phineas and Ferb' ook in andere landen uit. Kijk naar de aflevering gidsen van Seizoen 1 en Seizoen 2 voor originele uitzenddatum en titels.


TV schedulesEdit

Note: the first two links are not compatible with all web browsers, and the column that shows which channel (DISN or DXD) an episode is on may or may not be displayed.

Episodes online Edit

Both Disney Channel and Disney XD in the United States offer some episodes online. The selection changes on a daily basis. They are available on their "TODAY" page. Since this appears to be just a shortcut to their Videos page, episodes may also be viewed in other countries by going to the Videos page for Disney Channel or Disney XD in those countries.

Commercials are inserted between the episode segments, and some of the Disney websites will prevent visitors from outside the country from viewing the episodes. For example, people in the United States cannot view episodes on Disney Channel UK.

As of November 8, 2009, the selection of videos is as follows:

YouTube and some other video sites can also work without ads, except that videos can get deleted at any time.