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When You're Small
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Huidige: When You're Small
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From the episode Hide and Seek, a song consisting of a montage of things one can do when small, as Phineas, Ferb, Buford, Isabella, Baljeet, and new friend Irving enjoy having shrunk in size in order to play "Hide and Seek."


When you're small every sink is a swimming pool,
When you're small a spare button's a plate,
When you're small everyone's gonna think you're cool,
Cause you're the only one who fits through a grate.

When you're small the kitchen sponge is a trampoline,
When you're small your dad's comb is a jail.
Oh, when you're small every TV's a movie screen,
And your goldfish is a great orange whale.

You can climb inside a paper airplane,
And fly yourself down the hall.
Every puddle's a lake! Every crumb is a cake,
And there's never any reason to crawl!
Baby when you're small.
Baby when you're small.

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