Thomas Sangster
Thomas Sangster at press conference
Thomas Brodie Sangster
Geslacht:   Male
May 16, 1990
London, England, UK
Ferb Fletcher

I find it weird the way people get so excited about celebrity. If my friends are on the phone, their friends will say: "Is that kid from Love Actually there?" And the phone gets passed round and I have to speak to this stranger asking: "Are you famous?" I don't know how to answer.

Thomas Sangster is a nineteen-year-old British actor who has starred in several movies and TV series, and is best known for his role in the films Nanny McPhee and Love Actually. His most recent project is the upcoming movie Nowhere Boy, in which he will play a young Paul McCartney. For Phineas and Ferb, he provides the voice of Ferb Fletcher.

Notable Roles

200px-Ferb Fletcher

Ferb Fletcher


  • 2003 "Golden Nymph", Monte Carlo Television Festival: Best Actor in a mini-series for Entrusted

Background Information

  • Has starred in two movies with Emma Thompson: Love Actually and Nanny McPhee.
  • Has starred in three movies with Colin Firth: Love Actually, Nanny McPhee and The Last Legion.
  • His mother, Anastasia "Tasha" Bertram, is a dancer and actress who appeared in several BBC films.
  • His father, Mark Sangster, is an actor and musician who has recently appeared in "The Lion King" musical in London's West End.
  • Cousin of Hugh Grant, with whom he starred in Love Actually.
  • Hobbies: painting, mechanics and working on vintage cars and motorcycles.
  • It was rumored that he would play the title role in Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson's film adaptation of Tintin but when filming was delayed in October 2008, he was forced to drop out.
  • Plays drums and guitar, but had to learn to play the guitar upside down because Paul McCartney is left-handed.
  • Formed Brodie Films in 2006 with his mother Tasha, "to create opportunities in the film industry for new British talent; innovative writers, actors and directors".

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