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Technology vs. Nature
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Huidige: Technology vs. Nature
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Technology vs. Nature is a song in "Perry Lays an Egg", which takes place while Candace, Phineas and Ferb are trying to figure out how to care for the egg.


Motherhood's for life it's not something in which you dabble
For machine's not built to last their love is only techno-babble
Mother knows what's necessary 'cause she always pays attention
That's why they say necessity's the mother of invention

Now I got you on the run
Technology: 0, Mother Nature: 1.

When a child cries out in the night it's rarely for the washing machine
Science can't improve upon a mother's heart
But given time, it could trick out a spleen!

So if you think that you could build a better mother let it go,
'Cause nature already nailed it 60 million years ago.
You see, before we'd even begun:
Game over! Technology lost, Mother Nature won!
Game over! Technology lost, Mother Nature won!

Candace: So how does it feel to have your platy-posterior handed to you on a plate, son?

Background InformationEdit

Dan and doctor

Dan makes a cameo

  • During the lines "Science can't improve upon a mother's heart. But given time, it could trick out a spleen!" one of the doctors looks like Dan Povenmire and one of the announcers from "The Fast and the Phineas" (which was modelled on Dan).
  • Prior to confirmation of the BMI title, the song was referred to as Mother Nature Won on this wiki.

Songwriter Edit

BMI Work # 10941734

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