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Shooting Star Milkshake Bar
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Huidige: Shooting Star Milkshake Bar
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Shooting Star Milkshake Bar is sung by the aliens on Phineas and Ferb's star when Candace arrives inside the milkshake bar. ("Out to Launch")



There's a jumping little rock in the outer spiral arm,
May not be pretty, but it's got a lotta charm,
It's the shooting star milkshake bar, yeah
It's not a nebula, it's not a quasar,
It's the shooting star milkshake bar,
At the speed of light, you know you're never too far,
From the meatiest meteor that you'll ever find,
In this big ol' galactic void,
You've gotta shake, shake, shake, shake your asteroid,
Shake, shake, shake, shake your asteroid.

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