She's the Mayor
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Candace acting as Mayor for a day and while Stacy acts as her assistant secretary.
Seizoen: [[Seizoen 2|2]]
Productie code: 231A
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Geschreven door:
Jennifer Keene
Martin Olson
Geschreven & script door:
Michael Diederich
Perry Zombolas
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Disney Channel NL Première:
July 30, 2010
Disney XD NL Première:
June 14, 2010
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"The Lemonade Stand"

Candace is awarded the opportunity to be mayor for the day, so she uses her new status to create laws that can assist her with busting her brothers. Back at home, Phineas and Ferb build an authentic log cabin and a pioneer village. Meanwhile, Dr. Doofenshmirtz is scheduled to play golf with his brother, but since he hates the game, he creates the Accelerate-inator to speed things along. However, he is unaware that his invention also has the ability to open up holes to other dimensions.

Episode SummaryEdit


Doof and Perry playing Golf

At City Hall, Mayor Doofenshmirtz announces Candace as the winner of the Mayor-For-A-Day Essay Contest, believing that her essay, "Why My Little Brothers Should Be Busted," is a political metaphor. Praising Candace for her pioneer spirit, Phineas and Ferb are inspired by his words to build without modern technology. Ignoring the fact that her position is only honorary, Candace hires Stacy as her new assistant and prepares for her new position as Phineas and Ferb begin work on their pioneer project while at the same time wondering where Perry is.

At a sauna, Major Monogram gives Agent P his latest mission. Back at home, Phineas and Ferb slowly begin work on their project, while back at City Hall, Mayor Candace creates a number of new laws: outlawing red clothes on all citizens except herself, making everything pretty, giving herself privileges such as free clothes and makeovers, placing her own image on the three-dollar bill, having all citizens sport her hairdo, and renaming local streets and businesses after herself and Jeremy. As Phineas and Ferb slowly make progress, Candace soon realizes that she's been ignoring her major campaign promise: busting her brothers.

At a golf course, Dr. Doofenshmirtz angrily prepares to spend a day golfing with his brother, with an undercover Agent P as his caddy. Back at home, Phineas and Ferb have completed their pioneer village, complete with old coot. Mayor Candace, overseeing their goings-on, prepares for her busting.

Back at the golf course, a bored Dr. Doofenshmirtz shows off his Acceleratinator, which he plans to use to get this game over and done with as soon as possible. Mayor Candace arrives home to prepare for "The Big Bust." Phineas and Ferb look over their handiwork, proud of their accomplishments and vowing never to forgo technology again, and head inside.

Linda and Lawrence are escorted back home at the mayor's request as she proudly unveils the pioneer village. The townspeople see it as another political metaphor, but Mom sees it for what it truly is and angrily calls for Phineas and Ferb while admitting Candace was right all along. Back at the golf course, Mayor Doofenshmirtz is astounded at how fast the game is going as Dr. Doofenshmirtz points out that the slight chance that the Acceleratinator could destroy the very fabric of space-time and possibly the entire universe is a small price to pay to get done with the game. Agent P breaks the Acceleratinator, causing time to flow backwards at the exact moment Linda and Candace are to bust Phineas and Ferb, undoing all of the day's events and causing an alien from another universe to appear.

At City Hall, Mayor Doofenshmirtz prepares to announce the winner of the Mayor-For-A-Day Essay Contest. The alien destroys the Acceleratinator, causing the time-line to be altered once again as the new honorary mayor is announced: the old coot, causing Candace to lament, "I was robbed."



She's the Mayor title card
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Running GagsEdit

The "Too Young" LineEdit


Ferb's LineEdit

Phineas: Yep, it's took a whole lot of toil, pain, sweat and hard work to build this town. We should be proud.

Ferb: Let's never do that again.
Phineas: Agreed. Come on, let's go inside the house for a snack.
Isabella: And air conditioning.

Buford: And indoor toilets.

Whatcha doin'?Edit

Isabella: Whatcha doin'?
Phineas: We're gonna build authentic pioneer town on our own backyard, and we're only using Dad's antique collection of pioneer tools to do it.

Perry's entrance to his lairEdit

He was already in the Agency's Sauna with Major Monogram and Carl.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Linda: Oh, that's great. I've been rushing home all summer long for a metaphor.

Candace: Sooo, as Mayor, I officially give you the rest of the week off.

Melanie: Well that's really cute, but -
Candace: With pay.

Melanie: Melanie is out, peace!

Monogram: It's our old friend Doofenshmirtz again. He's been researching both theoretical physics and golf fashion. Sounds like an unholy combination.

Candace: I just realized - I, like so many other elected officials, have forgotten the very promises I made that got me into office in the first place!

Roger: You know what they say - you can't be T'd off once you've teed off. (chuckles) That was very funny...

Doofenshmirtz: What? Who says that?
Roger: You know. They. Those guys over there. (points to a couple of people)
They: (along with ominous music) You can't be T'd off once you've teed off.

Roger: Creepy, huh? I've been trying to ditch those guys all day.

Crazy Old Coot: You tenderfoots better high-tail it outta here, if you know what's good for ya! This here town was built on top of an ancient Indian burial ground! (spits)

Phineas: Actually, this is our backyard.
Crazy Old Coot: If you find any gold, it's mine!

Phineas: Umm... Okay...

Reporters: Yay, metaphors!

Phineas: Well guys, we did it. A 100% historically accurate old-timey pioneer town.

Baljeet: Yes. Complete with hitching posts -
Buford: And snake bites -
Baljeet: And deer takes -
Buford: And various sores I'll be nursing for months.
Phineas: Yep, it's took a whole lot of toil, pain, sweat and hard work to build this town. We should be proud.
Ferb: Let's never do that again.
Phineas: Agreed. Come on, let's go inside the house for a snack.
Isabella: And air conditioning.

Buford: And indoor toilets.

Linda: I wonder what will be waiting for me today. An invisible thing or a non-existent thing.

Doofenshmirtz: (to Perry) There's just one little problem with my Accelerate-inator. There's a small chance that it will rip space-time, probably destroying the entire universe, (Perry stares at him while he is saying this) but golf, jeez, totally worth it. (Perry stops)

Candace: Not everything is a metaphor!

Reporters: Hooray for finding gold being a metaphor for - oh wait, I think we're supposed to take that literally.

Background InformationEdit

  • This is the fourth time that Candace has managed to bust her brothers ("Phineas and Ferb Get Busted", "Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo", "The Wizard of Odd"), although in each incident, time is modified, or the whole thing turns out to be a dream, making them "not counted". This episode (along with "Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo") also proves that Linda would indeed not approve of what Phineas & Ferb do if she was actually aware of their true activities, as she was quick to call them out & was prepared to punish them on the spot. (It is unknown what Lawrence would think, though)
  • This is first of Phineas and Ferb's Big Ideas where they were exhausted from building and wished to never to do again.
  • This is the first episode where Perry does not wear his agent hat.
  • Goof: Candace and her bodyguard refer to the house as "the Flynn household", not its true title of "Flynn-Fletcher household". Also, Lawrence and Linda are called "Mr. and Mrs. Flynn", though Lawrence should be addressed as "Mr. Fletcher". Isabella made a similar mistake in "Candace Loses Her Head" and "Hip Hip Parade", when she calls Linda "Mrs. Fletcher". Jeremy also did this in "Atlantis". Isabella also says "Nice hat, Mr. Flynn." in the episode "Greece Lightning".




The Audacity of Candace

  • Candace's campaign logo parodies "Hope," a now famous-poster of Barack Obama created by artist Shepherd Fairey in 2008.
  • "They" resemble the Grady twins from the famous horror film The Shining.
  • Stacy hums the first four notes of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.


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