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Liedjes door Candace
Genre(s): Pop
Lengte: 24 seconds
Vorige: Unknown
Huidige: Rusted
Volgende: None

"Rusted" zit in de aftiteling van Wizard of Odd. Het is een parody op Busted, dit lied werd gezongen in "I Scream, You Scream".

Lyrics Edit

Candace: I know what's wrong with you.
You're rusted!

Background singers: (Rusted!)

Candace: Don't you know that you've been oxidized?
Somebody left you in the rain too long
And now you've been immobilized
You're rusted!

Background singers: (Rusted!)

Candace: If you move, you make a squeaking sound.
That's right, you've got an orange patina
From above your neck down to the ground.
You're rusted!

Bear: Yes, yes I do

Background information Edit

This song is in Wizard of Odd, an upcoming US for the end credits.

Allusions Edit

  • The bear squatting behind the tree is a reference to the Charmin-brand toilet paper commercials.
  • The rusted thing is probably a reference or an exact duplicate of the Tin Man.

Continuity Edit

This song is to the tune of Busted. The background and many of the poses used in Busted are also used here.

References Edit

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