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This page will provide details about how to work with categories, show the templates that are available, etc.

Categories Edit

Information on Categories can be found on the Filling in the blanks and Help:Categories pages. A full list of all categories can be seen on the Special:Categories page, and to see which categories are marked as part of another category (a sub-category), refer to the Category tree page.

To see a description of what each category is for, refer to the Category descriptions page.

Templates Edit

Templates are used as a shortcut when sections of code are used frequently. A general explanation of what templates are can be found on the Templates page.

Several pages exist that show what templates have been created. They are:

A List of Templates and a List of Editing Templates have been created that provide examples of what most of the template do.

Images Edit

Images can be shown in a variety of ways. The basic format is as follows:

Perry trapped - SD

Perry caught

  • FileName is the name of the file, with its extension, such as Perry trapped - SD.jpg.
  • size is either a number followed by px to specify the size, or thumb to use the pre-set thumbnail size. (Another option, frame, is available, but forces the picture to be full size and is therefore not recommended.)
  • alignment is one of the following: left, right, or center. If not specified, defaults to left.
  • The description is optional and appears if you move your mouse over the picture if the px size was specified, or else becomes the caption if the thumbnail size was selected.

The picture to the right was displayed with the following code:

[[File:Perry trapped - SD.jpg|thumb|right|Perry caught]]

Side-by-side images Edit

To display two images side-by-side, use the Double template:

{{double image|alignment|image 1 name|size|image 2 name|size 2|Caption for both together.}}
This caption spans both sides together. Backyard beach revealed
This caption spans both sides together.
Caption 1 Backyard beach revealed
Caption 1
Caption 2
  • alignment is: left, right, or center
  • image 1 name and image 2 name is the file name without the "File:" prefix in front of it.
  • size is the size of the picture, without the px command after it (200 instead of 200px)
  • Caption for both together is the information you want to appear under both pictures.

If a second caption is added it will be displayed under the second picture.

The code for both examples are as follows:

{{double image|right|RegJumpQueen.jpg|150|Backyard beach revealed.jpg|150|This caption spans both sides together.}}

{{double image|right|RegJumpQueen.jpg|150|Backyard beach revealed.jpg|150|Caption 1|Caption 2}}

To display two images, one above the other, use the 2 image template:

{{2 image|alignment|image 1 name|size|image 2 name|size 2|Caption for both together.}}

Sjabloon:2 image

Gallery Edit

Galleries are a series of thumbnail pictures surrounded by <gallery> and </gallery> tags. Example:

File:Perry trapped - SD.jpg
File:RegJumpQueen.jpg|optional caption

Video galleries Edit

Video galleries are a series of thumbnails of videos surrounded by <videogallery> and </videogallery> tags. Example:

Video:Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz's past as a lawn gnome
Video:Phineas & Ferb Episode 2

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