Welkom op de Nederlandse Phineas en Ferb Wiki!

De homepagina heeft je naar deze pagina geleid, waar je Afleveringen, Personages wn Liedjes kan vinden, en natuurlijk het laatste niews van Phineas en Ferb. "Zoals je ziet valt er niets te vervelen!" Een kleine beschrijving over ons kan je vinden onder de About pagina.

Over de "Phineas en Ferb" show

Show logo from Title Sequence

Phineas and Ferb

Leer meer over de show.
Candace adds her handprints


Wie spreekt er een stem in?
Jamming with penguins

Theme Song

Zie waarom "vandaag een grote dag" word!
Brick commercial

Where can I see it?

Officiele websites en broadcast.
Hat Sale

Where can I buy it?

Boeken, spelletjes, CD's, en meer...
  Rollercoaster construction discussion

Big Ideas (nearly impossible plans)

Wat zijn de jongens vandaag van plan?
Age Accelerator-inator

Doofenshmirtz's Schemes and Inventions

Doofenshmirtz - wat is hij nu weer van plan?.

Voorstellen aan de Phineas en Ferb Wiki

PFdesign SD

Standardizing content

Adding consistency on all pages with the Manual of Style, POV, etc.
Candace talking on the banana

Talk pages

What Talk pages and Discussion pages are for
Robots emerge

Copying from Wikipedia

How to add information found on Wikipedia.
What to do, what to do, what to do today

Filling in the blanks

See which areas of the wiki could use some attention.
Tri-State Area Public Library exterior

Reference materials

Details about categories, templates, etc.
Mom gardening


Maintaining the wiki and cleaning up loose ends.
Painting on Candace

Fan cruft

Enthusiasm can go too far.
Educational value

Simplified ruleset

A short list of what behavior is and is not allowed.


Welcome aboard

Why create an account

Benefits of creating an account.
Young turtle

Getting started

General info on getting started.
Candace being digitized

Editing the wiki

Editing tips and instructions.
Watching the documentary

Video demos

Videos on common tasks.
Dr. Phineastein throws the switch

Customizing your page

Learn how to customize your User page.

Custom signatures

Creating a custom signature for your messages
You're my only hope

The Help category

A list of all pages marked with the Help category.
Candace and Stacy in front of Tower Bridge - close-up SD


Search the Phineas and Ferb Wiki.
Checking the transit map

Help desk forums

Looking for help with something? See if another wiki member can answer your question.
Poodle on Candace's helmet


Information on what vandalism is and how to handle it.
  Candace calls in a panic

Calling for help

What to do when there's a problem

Administrators & their duties

The list of administrators for this wiki and their duties
Perry spy badge

Administrative tools

Tools for administrators of this wiki

User creations

Django's giant picture

Fan art

Drawing pictures relating to the show.
Constance writing with quill

Fan fiction

Writing your own Phineas and Ferb stories.
Irving shows off his scrapbook


How to create and work with Blogs.
Funnies close-up

Newsletter articles

Ways that you can submit a newsletter article.

Forums and communicating with other wiki members

Playing the card catalog

Main Forums page

Main page for the Forum discussions.
Downtown Danville overview

Downtown Danville

Community issues and business.
Phineas and Ferb in the backyard

The Backyard

General questions and discussions about the show.
The word spreads


Chat with your fellow members of the wiki.
Talking simultaneously

Invite friends

Send an e-mail inviting someone to visit the wiki.