Isabella showing off her patches

Throughout the show, Isabella and the Fireside Girls are earning patches. Usually they are conveniently linked to whatever Phineas and Ferb are doing for the day, while others are just mentioned. Though the patches are usually just glanced over, the girls in Isabella's troop are all extremely enthusiastic about earning patches, and their sashes are usually shown full of patches.

It should also be noted that even if a troop member has already earned a patch, they can still get more by doing the same task again. In "Isabella and the Temple of Sap", regarding the 'Help Thy Neighbor Patch', Ginger had 52 of them and Milly has 53 (because she 'went back that one afternoon').

Fireside Girl Patches by EpisodeEdit

Episode Patches Notes
Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror Aquatic Safety Patch Earned by becoming lifeguards at Phineas and Ferb's beach party. Though not seen, the title of the patch could mean that they were practicing Aquatic Safety, or it could just be they went to the beach and none of them were injured and all swam safely. Earned by the whole troop.
Run Away Runway Sewing Patch Earned by helping the boys with their fashion designs.  While Isabella helped the boys with her designs, we also saw her troop standing nearby with various equipment for designing clothes.
The Magnificent Few Milking Patch Earned by Isabella after successfully learning how to milk a cow. Isabella stated that it was one of her easiest patches, saying that all you had to do was 'squeeze and pull' over and over. Since Isabella was the only Fireside Girl present, most likely she was the only girl to earn this patch.
I Scream, You Scream Tonsillectomy Patch Earned by Isabella after getting her tonsils removed. In real life, there are many Girl Scout patches they relate to just going through a brave act or tough obstacle (there is a patch for braving a house fire, for example), which is most likely where this patch's idea came from. Since Isabella is the only known Fireside Girl to have her tonsils removed, and she is the only one shown earning it, she is the only girl so far known to have gotten it.
Get That Bigfoot Outa My Face! Tent Pitching Patch, Marshmallow Patch Earned while she and her troop were at Camp Phineas and Ferb. As the names imply, the Tent Pitching Badge is earned if the whole troop is able to put up their tents successfully, and the Marshmallow Badge is earned when the girls roast marshmallows and the camp director (in this case Phineas) approves of them. Since all the girls were at Camp Phineas and Ferb, everyone in the troop earned both these patches.
De Plane! De Plane! Aeronautic Patch Earned by helping the boys build the Paper Pelican. The girls also flew in the plane and helped with catering, which is probably parts to the patch as well. All the girls earned this since all were present at the time of building and all flew in the plane.
Let's Take a Quiz Broadcasting Patch Earned by helping Phineas and Ferb produce their game show. Isabella was taught how to fix and work the camera and helped get the game show in order. Isabella is most likely the only one who earned this patch, though we see Gretchen applying makeup and Holly and Ginger were working the cameras.
That Sinking Feeling Shrimp Net Repair Patch Earned by repairing shrimp nets at the harbor, but this is never seen in the episode. Isabella mentions this to Phineas while he is on the boat at the harbor, and is with her whole troop, so all the girls earned it.
Isabella and the Temple of Sap Saying A Word No One Else In The Room Knows Patch, Help Thy Neighbor Patch, Sap Collecting Patch, and I Just Saw A Cute Boy Patch

Gretchen earns the first patch by saying the word 'Sesquipedalian' in front of the other girls. Since no one else knew what it meant, she earned the patch. The Help Thy Neighbour patch is usually used as an excuse for Isabella to help Phineas with his projects, though the other girls say that they have earned the patch 50 or more times. The Sap Collecting patch was earned when Holly and Katie got the sap out of a tree. Although the 2 aforementioned girls actually got the sap, Isabella said they all earned it. The I Just Saw a Cute Boy patch is earned for just that, seeing a cute boy. However, it can be taken away if no one else agrees.  This happens to Ginger a couple of times throughout the episode, where she puts on the patch whenever she sees or thinks about Baljeet.

Cheer Up Candace Expert Makeover Patch Isabella has stated that she has already earned this patch, but it is unknown if the other girls have or not. Despite the fact that Isabella is a very avid cosmetologist for earning this patch, Phineas and Ferb do not enlist her help when they give Candace a make-over.
Fireside Girl Jamboree Honesty Patch, Enthusiasm Patch, Senior Service Patch, Totem Pole Carving Patch, Ice Cream Juggling Patch, Mountain Climbing Patch, Running With The Bulls Patch, Running With The Bullies Patch, Discovering Something That Doesn't Exist Patch, Wrestling An Alligator In A Sewer Patch, Bug Collecting Patch, Motion Sickness Patch, Cupcake Delivery Patch, and finally All Time Record Patch

All of these patches and more were earned by Candace in order to join the Fireside Girls.

Phineas and Ferb video game Tire Changing Patch Gretchen mentioned this in the Phineas and Ferb video game, so it can be assumed that this is a real patch, despite never being mentioned on the show. If such was true, most Fireside Girls must have earned this patch, in The Fast and the Phineas.
Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation! Santa's Helper Patch Isabella had this as a gift from Santa.
Phineas and Ferb-Busters! Mountain Moving Patch Isabella tells Candace that the impossible is possible, and she and the Fireside Girls were able to do it with their teamwork.
Robot Rodeo Rodeo Clown Patch Phineas specifically asks Isabella what patches the girls still need, and Isabella goes through a list of patches. However, Isabella participates in the rodeo as a rider, not a rodeo clown.
The Beak Intrepid Reporter Patch Isabella kept asking Phineas to get an exclusive interview, but Phineas kept rejecting her because he and Ferb were too busy with their super hero double life.

Unconfirmed PatchesEdit

Sometimes, Isabella or another Fireside Girl will be making a sarcastic remark, and it is unknown whether the patch she is talking about is real or not. Others are very over the top in terms of ridiculousness, and it is unknown if they were just joking.

Episode Patch Notes
The Chronicles of Meap You Wouldn't Know Cute If It Bit Your Legs Off Patch Isabella mentioned this patch because she was upset at Phineas for not seeing her cuteness. And she is clearly meaning to insult him while saying it, though Phineas did not catch on.
Bubble Boys Passing Through A Semi-Permeable Membrane Patch Earned for passing through the giant bubble the boys made. Though the girls were excited about earning this, it is one of the patches that is seemingly too odd to actually be considered a real patch, though it is still up for debate.
Isabella and the Temple of Sap Reckless Disregard for Life and Limb Patch Another up-for-debate patch, this could have just been said to rile the girls up. It's unlikely that the fireside organization would have a patch that would put the girls in danger.
Fireside Girl Jamboree Good Listener Patch This is most likely a sarcastic remark by Isabella to Candace, because for the whole episode Candace refused to listen to Isabella. She said it in a mocking tone, so it was probably meant to be sarcastic.
Atlantis Underwater Equestrian Patch Though Isabella first mentions this patch as if it were real, when asked about it later Isabella dryly said she was only joking and that is was impossible to actually ride a seahorse. (Buford proved her wrong moments later, however.)
Phineas and Ferb-Busters! Bumper Kart Patch Isabella mention this after bumping Baljeet with her Giant Top of Doom and interrupted by Ferb by bumping her.
The Beak Uh-Durr Patch Candace sarcastically tells this to Isabella when she realizes that Phineas is The Beak.
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