Just Passing Through
Liedjes door Bobbi Fabulous
Lengte: 1:13
Vorige: Couldn't Kick My Way Into Her Heart
Huidige: Just Passing Through
Volgende: Tri-State Area Unification Day

Just Passing Through is a song performed during Just Passing Through. It was sung by Bobbi Fabulous from Love Handel. The song is meant to demonstrate the effects of Phineas and Ferb's new invention, allowing them to pass through solid objects.


Bobbi Fabulous: Now listen up...
When there's an obstacle in my way,
I don't let it ruin my day
And I don't walk around it
Like other people do.

You can scramble my molecules
'Cause I'm just passin' through!

If there's an immovable object in front of you,
Takin' up the entire street,
Don't skirt around the edge,
Don't go over it or under it.
Never admit defeat!

Let's say you're in a big brick room
With no windows or doors,
A cast-iron ceiling and a concrete floor.
I got a quantum-physical solution just for you!

Just scramble them molecules
You're just a-passing through!
So just scramble them molecules
You're just passing through...

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