I Wish I Was Cool
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Liedjes door Nerd Crow (Baljeet)
Lengte: 0:38
Wizard of Odd chronologie
Vorige: The Yellow Sidewalk
Huidige: I Wish I Was Cool
Volgende: Tree-Related Wish

A song in Wizard of Odd in which Baljeet explains that he wants to be cool.


Baljeet: I want to be cool, cool, cool,
I feel like such a foo-oo-ool.
'Cause everybody I see,
everybody but me,
knows a secret to cool, cool, cool.
They don't teach it in schoo-oo-ool,
Ain't no pamphlet they wrote,
no one passed me that note,
Guess that I missed the boat

from the...

(Baljeet is cut off by Candace at this point in the song.)

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