Phineas and Ferb prepares the Paper Pelican for take-off
Seizoen: [[Seizoen 2|2]]
Productie code: 208B
Uitzend nummer: 61
Geschreven door:
David Teitelbaum
Geschreven & script door:
Joe Orrantia
Mike Roth
Uitzend informatie
Disney Channel NL Première:
July 3, 2009
Disney XD NL Première:
June 15, 2009
Internationale Première:
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Uitgezonden met
"Thaddeus and Thor"

Phineas and Ferb set out to build a bigger plane than Howard Hughes' wooden Spruce Goose, so they build it out of paper-maché, to do a similar theme to the Spruce Goose, complete with in-flight service and entertainment. Dr. Doofenshmirtz is doing his part to be green by using recycled materials to build an "Evaporator-inator" to dry up all the pools in the Tri-State area. Meanwhile, Candace and Stacy attend Jeremy's pool party only to discover an adventurous Australian girl is capturing Jeremy's attention.

Episode Summary Edit

The episode starts off in Candace's room when she and Stacy were deciding on what to wear for Jeremy's pool party. Candace was asking Stacy which swimsuit to wear. After explaining why Candace's swimsuit choices were not good, Stacy then tells Candace to let her conscience do the talking and go with the swimsuit that she touched first. After Candace thanked the fashion-phenom, Stacy then asked her for advice of what hat to bring to the party. Candace responded by saying that it doesn't matter. After looking at the hats for a few seconds, Stacy agrees with Candace and says that she fuss too much.

Meanwhile in the Flynn-Fletcher living room, Phineas and Ferb are watching an informational TV show, where it tells about Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose, which is the largest plane ever built. Phineas decides to break the world record and tells Ferb he knows what he's going to do today.

Phineas and Ferb go out to their backyard with stacks of newspapers. Isabella, the Fireside Girls, Buford, and Baljeet come over and offer them some help. Phineas tells them that Howard Hughes named his plane the Spruce Goose because it was built out of wood, and since their airplane will be built o


Isabella and the Fireside Girls as flight attendants.

ut of paper-mache, they decide to name it the Paper Pelican.

Bestand:Doofenscmirtz going greevil.jpg

Meanwhile, Perry enters his lair. Major Monogram informs him that Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz has gone green, but still is doing something neutral. Perry arrives at Dr. Doofenshmirtz's building. Dr. Doofenshmirtz pretends to pick up the phone but traps Perry in it. He shows Perry that he has created an Evaporator-inator out of recycled materials. He flashes back to a time when his mother would never let him swim in public pools.

Candace and StacAy arrive at JeremyJohas's pool party, where they see him talking to a blond girl with an Australian accent, whom Jeremy calls Niascoletteo. This worries Candace deeply.

Phineas realizes that they have built the biggest airplane ever. Phineas, Ferb, and their friends enter the airplane. They ignite the airplane, while Isabella and Baljeet serve refreshments to Buford and the Fireside Girls as flight attendants.

Stacy helps Candace and tells her that she's much cooler than Nicolette. Candace clears her throat angrily and argues with Nicolette. Meanwhile, Dr. Doofenshmirtz activates his Evaporator-inator just as Candace is about to show everyone a real dive. Everyone grabs their skateboards and use the swimming pool as a skate park.

Jeremy accidentally slips and his skateboard lands near the diving board. Candace walks off and gets caught on the skateboard, causing her to skate everywhere. Jeremy becomes impressed by Candace's skill. Phineas and Ferb's Paper Pelican passes over the sun just as Candace crashes into Jeremy.

Phineas and Ferb land their airplane in a body of water, where Baljeet explains that since the airplane is made of paper-mache, it'll soak into the water. Then they all float to land.


*Quirky Worky Song

End CreditsEdit

As the car pulls into the driveway, Linda tells Candace she really should be more careful. Candace and Jeremy come out, wearing casts. Candace tells Linda they were wearing helmets. Candace and Jeremy then discuss how Nicolette is Jeremy's cousin, and she was talking about a video game level that had her stuck for a week. He asks Candace if he can sign her cast, which he does with their initials inside a heart.


De Plane! De Plane! title card
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Running GagsEdit

The "Too Young" LineEdit


Ferb's LineEdit

Phineas: Alright Ferb, let's go though with our pre-fly checklist. Pilots instruments? Check. Co-pilots' instruments?
Ferb: (Ferb's musical instruments) Check!

Whatcha doin'?Edit

Isabella: Hey guys, Whatcha doin'?

Phineas: We're making the biggest airplane ever.
Isabella: Cool, coincidentally we're going for our Aeronautic Patches.
Phineas: Coincidentally, we can use extra hands.

Isabella: Coincidentally, we're in.

Perry's entrance to his lairEdit

Perry presses a flower in a flowerbed and flip over and flips again with his chair.

Evil Jingle Edit

Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated!

Memorable QuotesEdit

Stacy: Hmm, that's tough. On one hand, if you go with the a-chromatic pink, it kind of says, "Hi, I'm Candace, and I'm bedraggled and pallid." Trust me, you don't want that; I've been both. But, if you go with the more saturated pink, it kind of gives you that overkill, out-to-kill, "my currency is urgency" look.

Candace: I don't want that. I've been all three.
Stacy: Let your subconscious do the deciding. Go with the one you touched first.
Candace: (sighs) Of course! Stacy, you're a fashion phenom!
Stacy: (holding two hats) Which hat should I go with?
Candace: I don't think it matters.

Stacy: Yeah, you're right, I fuss too much.

Heinz Doofenshmirtz: Back story time! You see, Perry the Platypus, when I was child my mother never let swim in public pools.

Mrs. Doofenshmirtz: (in flashback) No.

Heinz Doofenshmirtz: What? That's it! You know, not every back story has to have some big, in-depth spiel, Mr. High Expectations.

Stacy: Wait! ... Now! We're exactly fashionably late!

Candace: She's like catnip for boys! She's boynip!

Stacy: You're Candace Flynn!

Candace: Yeah! I'm Candace Flynn!
Jeremy: Candace?

Candace: Oh, look. He remembered my name. How nice.

Buford: You'd better have some decent grub on this bucket.
Baljeet: You will be most gratified! (after Buford has walked away) As long as you find insignificant bags of peanuts gratifying. (sighs) Welcome to Wedgy-ville. Population: me.

(Baljeet walks up to Buford, holding a plate piled high with airplane peanuts)

Buford: That better not be insignificant bags of peanuts!
Baljeet: No, of course not, sir. (chuckles nervously and runs off screen)
the sounds of wrappers crinkling and china clinking take over for a second
Baljeet: (returns with a chicken made of peanuts) Here, sir. Try our deluxe Peanut Chicken. Our motto is, "So peanutty, you will not even taste the chicken."
Male Voice: (singing) So peanutty, you won't even taste the chicken!
Buford: I better not taste any chicken then, loser. (takes off the leg of the peanut-chicken and eats it). Alright, you survive... for now.

Baljeet: Oh, thank you, sir!

Candace: There's been a lot of talk around here about diving... and snakes... and diving with snakes... and snakes into pools filled with piranha and... sulfuric acid—

Nicolette: I didn't say anything about sulfuric acid.

Candace: Leave all questions to the end of the rant? Thank you.

Background InformationEdit

  • The "Funnies" Buford holds up look very similar to the real comic strips Dan Povenmire did in college called "Life is a Fish," following the secret life of a gold fish.[1]
  • When Candace is on the skateboard, random observers add safety gear to her with the words, "Safety first!" Policy is that all characters on children cartoons practice proper safety precautions when doing certain activities, such as skateboarding. The steering wheel and Candace's comment during the end credit are both subtle jabs at this policy.
  • Animation Goof: After Doofenshmirtz' Back Story the Recycle Logo disappears and never returns.
  • Animation Goof: When Candace and Stacy arrive at Jeremy's pool party, Stacy's hat is white, then a bluish-purple, and then white again.
  • The title of this episode is 'De Plane! De Plane!'. De is the Dutch word of English The.
  • This is the first episode that Doofenshmirtz has a back-story that has no in depths effect of his life.
  • Once again, Candace does not try to bust Phineas and Ferb.


Allusions Edit

  • Pocahontas: The wind blows Isabella's hair, similar to Pocahontas.
  • The comics that Buford holds have a fish in them, which is a possible reference to Dan Povenmire's comics "Life is a Fish".
  • Fantasy Island: The episode's name is a probable reference to Tattoo's ubiquitous quote. This quote has also been said by Boomer of The Rowdyruff Boys.
  • The television show, "Wacky Millionaires Throughout History" may be an allusion to the Joan Rivers show, "How'd You Get So Rich?".
  • Howard Hughes: His plane the Spruce Goose, is both mentioned and surpassed by the kids.


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