"Didn't we have a dog named Bucky who got sick and went to live on Kindly Old Man Simmons' farm?"

Bucky's remains at the Danville Natural History Museum
Geslacht: Presumably Male
Leeftijd Unknown (Deceased)
Verdere informatie
Affiliations Flynn family
Vrienden en familie
Owners Danville Natural History Museum Current,
Phineas Flynn,
Ferb Fletcher,
Candace Flynn,
Linda Flynn,
Lawrence Fletcher
Achter de schermen
Eerste verschijning "It's About Time!" (as a Skeleton)

Bucky is the name of the Flynn-Fletcher family's former pet dog. Bucky appeared to be the family's pet before Perry the Platypus. Little is known about Bucky, except that he is deceased and his remains are at the Danville Natural History Museum.

During a trip to the museum, Lawrence described a canine fossil that had been dug up in their neighborhood. Upon seeing the collar with Bucky's nametag still attached, Phineas asked, "Didn't we have a dog named Bucky who got sick and went to live on kindly Old Man Simmons' farm?" Lawrence dithered in his answer and led Phineas, Ferb and Perry to the next display, which was the skeleton of Old Man Simmons himself. Lawrence quickly diverted their attention by offering to buy milkshakes. ("It's About Time!")

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